Dorsey Jones

I’m back and here to honor another woman who made an impact on my life the VERY FIRST time I met her. It was what some would call kindred spirits. This is none other than Dorsey Jones.


Dorsey Laquan Jones is a graduate of Morris Brown College, where she obtained a B.A. Degree in Criminal Justice. Dorsey is a former Probation Officer with Fulton County Juvenile Court, where she is able to serve out her passion to rescue young girls in trouble and encourage them to discover their true potential and believe in themselves. Dorsey is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated and an Ambassador and Mentor for Youth Spark which is a non-profit organization based at the Fulton County Juvenile Court in Atlanta, Georgia serving, exploited, abused and neglected youth.

Physically and emotionally abandoned by her own Mother, Dorsey overcame poverty, sexual exploitation and homelessness to become one of the most compassionate and impactful juvenile court law enforcement officer in the State of Georgia. Still fighting her own battles from a difficult childhood, Dorsey pours herself into her husband Carlos, her four children, and exploited runaway children. Dorsey turned her own tragedy into triumph, and she gives God all of the credit and glory for her success.

Author of the book, “Stretched Beyond Measure: When The Angels Were Crying”, Dorsey takes you on a journey of a little girl whose living conditions were so deplorable that she would run away from home and hitch-hike across two states at 12 years old, looking for her Father’s family. Dorsey tells the story of a scared, humble, yet sometimes tough little girl, rescued by Angels, when her death was as certain as the sunrise. Dorsey’s book provides a glimpse of a young girl’s fierce determination to overcome and defy statistics. Dorsey’s book is a must read in today’s society being that the epidemic of child exploitation, sexual abuse, homelessness, low-self-esteem and deprivation still exist. As we find answers to empower our little girls, Dorsey’s book identifies the characteristics and the heart of the Backyard Heroes and Earthly Angels who helped to rescue her from sexual exploitation, hunger and homelessness. As a result of those good seeds being sown in her life, Dorsey has committed to “paying it forward” in her current profession, via motivational speaking and raising awareness in the community at large.

Today Dorsey Jones, I SALUTE YOU! Thank you for never giving up!

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