Domestic Violence Advocacy


Did you know?
Each minute 24 people are victims of intimate partner violence.
Each year over 12 million women and men are victims of intimate partner violence!
More than six million CHILDREN witness domestic violence annually!
Domestic violence is most likely to occur between 6 pm and 6 am.
Georgia was recently ranked 12th in the nation for its rate of men killing women?


From the tender age of 19 until the age of 22, Paula was involved with a young man who no one would picture to be an abuser. What the world didn’t see was that he would get high off powder and that’s when she would experience his wrath. From being slapped while driving, to being robbed and almost being stabbed in the spine, she knows she is truly blessed to have┬ásurvived.

Paula is a nine-year survivor and recently decided it was time to do what she knew was right..speak on behalf of those who can’t. Paula has promised to do whatever she can to bring about awareness and an end to such a horrible epidemic that takes lives every minute.

Paula is dedicated to speaking out against Domestic Violence. She recently launched Fostering Hearts, which will be a one stop transitional resource center for victims and survivors of Domestic Violence. She also volunteers with other organizations whether through speaking engagements or providing her time to assist them in their efforts to end Domestic Violence. She will not rest until she knows she has made a difference.