5 Tips To Loving Yourself!



L.O.V.E. four simple letters that spell one complicated word! Then you through yourself into the equation and there’s a big bag of mess!

Life throws us so many curve balls and often times we just don’t know how to handle them. So instead of embracing and following the curve, we allow the curve to knock us over. This causes us to look at ourselves and think the worst! We begin to think all these horrible things about us and not like who we were created to be. These thoughts cause our self-esteem to drop and life looks grim.

So today I want to offer you 5 tips to follow the curve and continue to love yourself despite what comes your way!

1. Forgive Yourself! Yes you made a mistake, so what?! We all make mistakes and those mistakes are for us to learn from, not go into a shell like a turtle. Your mistake(s) not only help you, but they help the next person who you will encounter who is dealing with the same thing.

2. Accept Your Difference! You weren’t put here to be a duplicate. You were put here to stand out and fly like an eagle. If your style doesn’t match the next person, that is perfect! You are here to reach those who like what you have to offer, the way you offer it.

3. Be Transparent! Too often we are afraid to be open with the trials and tribulations we have experienced in life. So what you slept around or cheated or have gotten a divorce! Those experiences are what equipped you to become the person you are and prepared you to reach your destiny. Tell your story!

4. Affirm Yourself! Why is it we worry about what others have to say about us? Why do we care? You should wake up every morning speaking nothing but good things over your life and about you. You’re going to have those who don’t like it and you should send them to read this article! Clearly they don’t love themselves enough to uplift you, but tear you down in order for them to have a false sense of love about themselves.

5. Journal! Journaling allows you to release those feelings you have been holding in. It gives you such a release and freedom that many won’t tell you about. No longer do you have to hold it in, you can write about it every day and hey if it gets to be a bigger load than you can bear and it’s not helping, I do suggest a counselor and/or therapist. Either way, you have to let go of negative weights in your life.

By following these easy, but beneficial steps, you will be on your way to a happier, more emotionally healthier life that will ultimately allow you to TRULY loving yourself!

Much love,


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