Meet Paula

Paula 1Paula Foster is a native of Atlanta, GA! Just as rare as it is to find a Georgia Peach, she is also a rare jewel. Paula is a visionary, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, domestic violence advocate and so much more! Because of the struggles she faced growing up, she truly feels it pushed her into the person she is today.

Who is that person you ask? She is the founder of Fostering Hearts and does some freelance writing and editing. Her nonprofit is her baby. Fostering Hearts, Inc., while currently in the start-up phases, will be an all in one Transitional Home for survivors and victims of Domestic Violence. This center will house and provide all the necessary essentials for a victim of domestic violence to reclaim her life and be who God called them to be. Paula knows this area all too well as she is a survivor of Domestic Violence. When God allowed her to escape she vowed she wouldn’t stop until she provided for others what she didn’t have for herself. Paula is also an author. She’s written and/or collaborated on a number of books, each can be used as tools of inspiration. Paula truly has a heart and a purpose to serve others.

When Paula has down time, she enjoys reading, bowling, skating, relaxing, volunteering, and going to concerts. She also enjoys listening to music and spending much needed time with her family. Life may have dealt her some unfortunate cards, but she definitely learned to play with what she was dealt. She is a Virtuous Woman!