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I AM Mother's Edition

Motherhood is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, while at the same time being the most rewarding. You get to create a life and watch it blossom into a beautiful being. Along the way you need constant uplifting and encouragement!

There’s no better way than by other moms from various walks of life who’ve experienced some of the same things you have! That’s what this book will offer, daily inspiration from moms just like you! You’ll find 30 affirmations to keep you encouraged and inspired to keep going!


Meet The Authors!!

I AM Book- Armelle                I AM Book- Icy George                           I AM Book- Natasha Pennant

Armelle Desir                                        Icy George                                         Natasha Pennett

I AM Book- Tanesha D                       I AM Book- Shannon McGlathery                          I AM Book- Sathya Nelson

T. Michelle Dixon                                Shannon McGlathery                           Sathya Nelson

Breaunna Pic2               I AM Book- Niya Eady                        Breaunna Neal                            Niya Eady                                                 Paula Foster


Alma Thomas                 I AM- Mother's Edition                   I AM- Mother's Edition          Alma Thomas                                         Karen Warner                                       Julian Miles


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