Paula LaMar Celebrated!

paula lamar

If you hadn’t heard by now, March is Women’s Month. So this month I will highlight those women in my life who have inspired me to keep going when I didn’t want to. Many have been silent encouragers and didn’t even know it. First up is Paula LaMar!

Paula R. LaMar, 41, is a native of Long Island NY, the second oldest out of six siblings, and at an early age endured hardships such as homelessness, sexual abuse, incest, being a runaway teen constantly fighting in school and on the streets of New York, and running from the cops at 14 for stabbing a girl. She went from a traumatic abusive home in New York to a father who was strung out on crack cocaine in Atlanta, GA. Her father kicked her out on the streets at 15 and it lead her to live a wild and reckless life as a teen. Pregnant at sixteen and a high school dropout with a third grade reading comprehension with a speech impediment with no desire for education because the mind was numb. Paula suffered Domestic Abuse at the hand of men. Paula tried to silence the pain with drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, clubs, and eventually suicide attempts. Being diagnosed with cancer, HIV, and syphilis, the doctors told her the syphilis had set in her body too long and it would cause her to lose her sight and hearing, not knowing the bacterial disease could eventually kill her. THE TURN..things started to turn for her! She was healed of all THREE diseases, received her GED, went on to college, raised two children as a single mom, pursued her dreams of creating for Broadway, authored a book, became a Transformational Speaker, and built a Global Organization that empowers women. She mentors several business owners and is successfully married. She is paving the way for women young and old.

Today I salute Paula R. LaMar for her determination, strong will, servant leadership, and being a GAME CHANGER. Thank you for all you do!

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