Affirmations are SO powerful. They can honestly change the direction of your day. You can wake up stressed and once you begin to speak over yourself the stress will go away. You have to speak and see the change and the change will happen. This is why I began the series of I AM. Each book guides and will guide you to a more positive and peaceful place in life.  We weren’t placed here to be miserable, we were placed here to accomplish the Godpossible tasks. Get ready to #SHIFT your mind to a higher dimension and live your BEST life and not the life others may have negatively spoken over you.

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Don’t just stop at the book! Grab a shirt as well and let the world know you are affirmed and spark a conversation of the importance of affirmations.

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Looking to host a Girl’s Night Out? Maybe you’re seeking a unique experience at a women’s retreat, coaching session, book club meeting, youth gathering, and more to discuss the POWER of affirmations and purpose. I would love to come out and lighten the load. Contact me today and let’s discuss how we can make it a reality.