Survivor’s Anthology


We all have a story of survival. Some of us have been abused. Some of us have been molested. Some of us have been abandoned, and some of us just have been beat up by life! However, we made it! Despite all the things we’ve gone through we’ve made it and it’s time to let the world know about it. There’s another person out there waiting to hear and read your story so they can receive their breakthrough. No reason to be afraid, ashamed, or embarrassed because you made it! You didn’t bend, you didn’t break, you didn’t give up.

So if you are ready to share your story and launch yourself as an author without all the added stress, financials, and responsibilities that come with it, this opportunity is for you.

Who Am I Looking For?

I’m looking for survivors of course! I want to find 15 survivors who have a story and want to share it in order to encourage others. I want survivors who understand the pressure of being a survivor and want to encourage others in their journey in order to provide hope and inspiration. If this sounds like you and you are ready to change the lives and mindsets of others, then this opportunity is for you.

Have you been wanting to write a book, but not sure where to start, or you get started, then stop?  This is the perfect opportunity for you not to get OVERWHELMED with writing an entire book.  This collaboration project will expand your audience and visibility for a fraction of your time, energy, resources and money.

If this is you, keep reading…

What Team Paula Will Do

•    Walk you through the entire process. You will not be on your own!

•    Monthly updates via conference call and or email on the book progress.

•    Develop the timeline for the creation, production, promotion and launch of the book.

•    Promote the via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram

•    Provide 10% of the project earnings to Fostering Hearts, a nonprofit organization     working with survivors of  Domestic Violence.

•    Create and manage Pre-launch activities and marketing strategies

•    Create the press release for the book naming all of the co-authors

•    Hire a professional proofreader and editor

•    Hire a professional typesetter to format the book

•    Hire a professional graphic artist to design the front and back cover and other promo materials

•    Plan and promote the Book Signing which will be held in Atlanta on October 1st.

What You Will Get

•    15 copies of your book to gift to friends & family OR sell them (at $20 each you could make $300!)

•    A step by step guideline

•    Online co-author profile on the book website featuring your bio, picture, and public contact information

•    Electronic cover image to promote book through various online platforms such as your website, social media outlets, and blogs

•    Short professionally written book description you can use to promote your book

•    One page professionally written book description you can use to promote and sell your book on your website

•    Customized book order sheet you can use to pre-sell your book at events before your book release date

•    Electronic copy of press release announcing the book and featuring the names of you and the other co-authors

•    Optional: FREE admission to attend the Annual Purple Tie Monologues which brings awareness to Domestic Violence through the Arts. *You are responsible for you own travel expenses and accommodations (flight, hotel, etc).

•    Optional: DISCOUNTED vendor fee to any event held before and/or after the launch of the book in 2017.

•    Optional: Entry to the 2nd  Annual Author Expo and Workshop

Who Is This Best For?

•    Survivors wanting to encourage others through their story

•    Those who know they have a book inside them and need to have the fire ignited

What Is Required From You

•    Submit your 500 – 750 word chapter (following the writing guide that we will supply to make it easy!)

•    Provide a  professionally taken high resolution (300 dpi) head-shot to be included in promotional campaigns/materials

•    Provide a 200 word bio for your online profile

•    Promote: Tell your friends and family about the book leveraging social media and word of mouth – this is a collaboration of the most fabulous women, you’re participation is what will make this a Best-Seller!

•    Optional: Purchased copies at a wholesale rate of $9.00 each with a 25 purchase minimum. $5.00 each with a 50 book purchase minimum.

Your Investment

Choose the pay option that best fits you. You have a full pay option and a month installment plan option as well.

One Time Payment Option – $450
Installment Plan – Several options available

Next Steps

Want to be considered for this project?  Here are the next steps:

1.    Use the contact form below to let us know you’re ready.
2.    Click here to begin your payment(s).  By choosing recurring payments, you ensure the payments come out monthly with no worries of wondering if you made the payment. Be sure to Limit Number of Periods in order to ensure the payment is only taken out equal to the amount of payments you will be making.

NOTE: The Application Process closes December 31st!


•    Does my testimony have to be in the form of a story?
o    No, you can also provide a poem.
•    Can I remain anonymous?
o    We understand sharing your story can sometimes still feel uneasy. So because of this you are able to remain anonymous.
•    Do I have to attend the book signing?
o    While it would be nice for everyone to attend, it is understood that not all authors will be able to do so.
•    Why did you choose to do this collaboration?
o    As a survivor, I understand the importance of sharing to bring about healing to others who may be dealing with it or have dealt with it. It was placed on my heart by God to offer to those who may want to do the same, but not sure where to start.

There will be an Exclusive Premier Book Launch in Atlanta, GA in October 2017.  Each Co-Author has the opportunity to plan (at their own expense) a Book Signing in their own city following the initial launch. The 15 Women chosen will be coached through exactly how to do that.

Have other questions?

Just email them to and we’ll add them to the website page once it launches!