Women’s Love Be Like….

how-to-loveWe all know that nothing beats the love of a woman. She will hold down a man even when she can’t hold down herself! It’s crazy, but I must admit, it’s the way we were created! It’s a beautiful thing until it’s taken advantage of. Then you my friend, have just messed up, and there is little to no chance of things ever going back to the way they were. But we’ll save that conversation for another day, another blog post. Today I really want to focus on the ways women love. Yes fellas there is more than one way for a woman to love, but she does it so flawlessly, you think it’s all the same. Sit back and grab a notebook because this will be noteworthy. Let’s get right into it.

As I stated when a woman loves, she loves with her everything. So much so, I decided to title these tips, Women’s Love Be Like….

1. A women’s love is patient. Women are so patient, there should be a picture of a woman’s face next to the word patient in the dictionary. How is this so? You tell me who else besides a woman can go through 24 hours of labor? That’s patience if I do say so myself. Labor is no joke!

2. A women’s love is supportive. Yet again there needs to be a picture of a woman next to this word in the dictionary! When she is for you, she is for you. She will try to be at everything you’re doing, want to know about everything you have going on, and will brag to others  about you as well. She wants the world to know who she has in her corner and how awesome you are.

3. A women’s love is encouraging. Women don’t like to see their loves down or out about anything. If you tell a woman you have something going on, she will be your biggest cheerleader, even if it fails. When your homies leave you, she’s there encouraging you to pick up the pieces and move on. Whatever you want to do, no matter how crazy it sounds to her, she’ll be right there by your side until you see it through.

4. A women’s love is resourceful. Women have access to so much. There are times she has things sitting at her fingertips and all you have to do is ask and she’s ready to supply it. It’s not always financial either. It is knowledge, experience, insight, or even direction. You need it, more than likely she has it. If she doesn’t, she knows someone who can get it to you.

A women’s love be like whoa! It’s all you need and more. If you’ve ever doubted a women’s love for you, I hope after this you have no more doubts, but more confirmation about the one beside you. If she’s not providing you with this, you may need to provide her with her walking papers. I’m just saying!

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